Save hundreds of dollars planting carpet grass yourself. It's fun and easy.
Plus you'll save a lot of money compared to other methods.

You can bring a pick-up truck for one pallet, or a trailer for several. Valley Grass Farms will even deliver for a small charge.

We have 45 years of experience, specializing in rich thick carpet grass... Floratam-Saint Augustine, and blends are our specialty. 

Compare us with other companies that sell grass and you'll see that $50 is the best price, anywhere. Our quality is the best of the best. That's why we invite you to the farm to see it first hand, right before it's cut. Just let us know how much you want, and we will have it ready for you the next day. It will be cut, stacked, and ready for us to load free of charge. We do all the work, you save all the money.  

Call Glen at VALLEY GRASS FARMS today for the nicest customer service you've
experienced in a long time.  

Location: 1/8 mile north of Expressway 83 on FM493 in Donna.
(Exit 493 in Donna and go north 1/8 of a mile - we are on the right hand side)  

$50 for a full pallet of grass. (Compared to $110 to $200 that other grass sellers sell)
How do we do it...
Simple: WE ARE THE GROWER AND SELLER. There is no middle man to pay commission to.  

The average home needs from 7-15 pallets of grass. Call and we'll help you figure
out how much you'll need.  

Office 956-464-2274
Cell 956-607-6444 ask for Glen
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