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While many grass varieties will eventually crowd out weeds, it’s still good practice to minimize weed growth before you start putting down sod. There are several ways to accomplish this including pulling weeds manually or using herbicides such as Round Up to kill and remove weeds.


How much sun will the grass get? How much shade? The amount of sun and shade will largely determine what types of grass you can plant. Although no grass will grow in complete shade, St. Augustine handles shady areas with filtered sunlight well. The floratam grass needs 60% of sunlight to survive.


Although often not critical, it may be beneficial to add to your lawn’s topsoil base. Many varieties of topsoil are available ranging from low-nutrient “fill” that basically adds depth for holding moisture, to more expensive topsoil-compost mixes that will add beneficial nutrients to your lawn.


Too much water can be harmful to newly-laid sod. If excess water does not drain out of your yard, the sod will not be able to establish a strong root system. In some cases you may need to install a drainage system to move excess water from a problem area to an area that could use water. In addition, you also need to grade the soil in your yard away from your home. Gradual slopes that lead away from your property and out to the street are recommended for ideal water flow.

2810 N FM 493Donna, TX 78537
(956) 464-2274M-F: 8AM - 5PM

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